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Our Founders:
A Divine Union

Before vibrating into each other, we both went through a series of accelerated and deep radical healing from the inside out.  Cracked open by severe depression, anxiety & panic attacks, alcoholism and suicidal thoughts we both hit a space in our lives where there was nowhere to go but up. We stopped asking "why," and started asking "what is my true life's purpose," and "what am I here (on earth) to do?" 

From then on we began to discover a wide variety of healing modalities that led us on the journey of discovering our true selves.

We embarked on a mission of true self love.

Over the past few years, we both have experienced many dark nights of the soul and we faced our shadows head on. It was in those dark spaces where we learned that nobody would ever love us the way we love ourselves.  We learned to honor ourselves by setting boundaries, nourishing our physical bodies with healthy foods, nutrients and movement, feeling through our emotional bodies and living in the present. Through Divine timing we continued to heal from our past and past lives before meeting at a beautiful meditation and energy blissing experience. 

We united in Divine Union (and marriage) a few months later, promising to continue to love and put ourselves first. We know that by loving ourselves first, we would radiate that love out to one another and whomever we come in contact with.  


Radiant Love Vibrations was anchored with our love before the expansion to rise in collaboration with our amazing community. Each individual in our community has had an impact on our healing journey and we are delighted to be here together.


'Our mission here is to hold space, raise the vibration, and gently guide humanity to self heal, love and flow'

We look forward to connecting with you and sharing more of our journey into the light. 


What we have to offer