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Intuitive Card Readings

Are you looking to connect with a passed on loved one or needing guidance from spirit? Xitlali can help you receive answers to questions that may have gone unanswered and/or relay messages from the divine. Energy exchange $88/hr.


Reiki, Lithotherapy and Sound Healing

Combining the natural energy healing of Reiki with vibrational sound techniques and a variety of healing tools, this hands on healing experience is like an energetic tune-up. Designed to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, this session is sure to bring clarity to your life. Energy exchange $111


Shamanic Healing Experience

Dario & Xitlali tap into their Shamanic past lives and combine their loving energies to take you on a powerful and unique healing experience. These sessions may include Reiki, Jyorei, Deeksha, lithotherapy, sound vibrations, aromatherapy, shiatsu, angelic healing, aura clearing, chakra balancing, affirmations, emotional transmutation, and more. Energy exchange $175

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Telegram Ascension Support Group

Both Dario and Xitlali are here to support you on your self-healing journey. For a small fee you can join our Soul Family on Telegram with messages from spirit, weekly readings, meditations, sound healing and more. Contact us for more information.

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Ancestry Alignment

Karina ( and Xitlali come together in this intuitive healing of family dissonance passed down through multiple generations. Together they are able to tap in and feel where the discordance occurred then go back through time and space to heal the conflict and therefore re-align the family ancestry in harmony and love. Contact us for inquiries.

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

Dario and Xitlali have been studying Dolores Cannon's QHHT. This type of theta healing and hypnosis work with past life regressions and connecting with your higher self. These 3-5 hour sessions dig deep for another unique healing experience. Email us for your chance to win a free session. Energy exchange is typically $555.

Cozy Office
Maternity Yoga Private Class

Home and Office Energy Clearing

Cleanse and clear your home or office of stagnant energies that are blocking the flow of abundance in your life. Cleansing your space will help raise the vibration of your home or office, help you stay focused on necessary tasks and bring a sense of calm & happiness into your life. Let us help you open up space, clear the clutter and allow abundance to flow through. Contact us for a free consultation.

Private Yoga and/or Prana Healing Classes

These classes are offered for one on one training and small groups (5 ppl max). Each class is guided by the energy of the attendees, with a wide variety of yoga forms and prana healing techniques. Ask about adding reiki to your yoga class for an extra special release and alignment experience. Contact us for a quote.


Group and Private Dance Lessons

Learn how to dance in the comfort of your own space. We come to you! Ballroom, Latin and Swing dance lessons with a former competitive professional dancer. Group classes are structured to teach you the fundamentals of 1-2 dances at a time in a fun and easy setting. Private and couples lessons are designed to balance your masculine and feminine energies for a unique healing experience that will embrace the power of connection through touch and alignment. Contact us for more information.



We are Dario and Xitlali Montes de Oca. Before we manifested each other, we both went through a series of accelerated and deep radical healing from the inside out.  Cracked open by severe depression, anxiety & panic attacks, alcoholism and suicidal thoughts we both hit a space in our lives where there was nowhere to go but up. We stopped asking "why," and started asking "what is my true life's purpose," and "what am I here (on earth) to do?" 

From then on we began to discover a wide variety of healing modalities that led us on the journey of discovering our true selves. We embarked on a mission of true self love.

Over the past few years, we both went through a dark night of the soul and faced our shadows head on. It was in that dark space that we learned that nobody would ever love us the way we love ourselves.  We learned to honor ourselves by setting boundaries, nourishing our physical bodies with healthy foods and nutrients, feeling through our emotional bodies and living in the present. Through divine timing we continued to heal from our past and past lives before meeting at a beautiful meditation and energy blessing experience. 

We united in divine union and marriage a few months later, promising to continue to love and put ourselves first. We know that by loving ourselves first, we would radiate that love out to one another and whomever we come in contact with. We now know that we are here together to hold space, share truth, raise vibrations and gently guide humanity to self heal, love and flow.  We look forward to connecting with you and sharing more of our journey into the light. 


Xitlali's Dark Night of The Soul


Dario's Dark Night of The Soul


Deep Healing & Manifestation


Radiant Love & Sacred Union

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Xitlali did a healing session on me recently and let me tell you that it was truly life changing. Since the session I no longer experience back nor arm pain and my anxiety and depression have greatly improved. I highly recommend getting at least one session with her. I will definitely be back for more. 


Omg... I feel so light, peaceful, trusting, grateful, rejuvenated and present today! I can't thank you enough for how much you two gave me yesterday. We get to live heaven on earth and experience enlightenment in this lifetime, wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

M. Rose

Clearly , it takes a certain special kind of person to share our deep personal journeys with and no better people than you. Thank you. You definitely made me feel safe. I am feeling full of love and light.  

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The divine light in us recognizes and honors the divine light within you. 

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