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cacao priestess


Kauai, Hawaii



Cacao Priestess


Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao Distributer


500hr RYT Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher Trainer

Intuitive Channel

A Bit About Me

Hey Soul family my name is Justice Klein and I am here to facilitate you in embodying all that you are. I am a cacao priestess, artist, 500 hr ryt yoga teacher, yoga student, channel, and a ceremonialist, who can never stop smiling :) 

I am a messenger for Pachamama, a protector of all things sacred. I have Devoted my life to take care of this earth and the people on it. It is my highest honor to share tools to bring people from every walk of life into balance, within their body, minds, & hearts. I create intimate spaces for souls like you to reclaim the body & connect to the edges of yourself. I am here to simply guide you back home to your truth and ignite the inner teacher through ceremony.  You are the healer you have been searching for & you are magic. I lead women’s retreats & ceremonies. I understand as a women that every body & system are different and believe that it should be taken into account when coming home to your ultimate health. I know how it feels to hate your body, to feel heavy in your heart, clouded in the mind, chaotic in emotions, but I also know the other side, the vibrant, aliveness of vitality in your bones and breath. I want to offer this opportunity for other women to feel the greatness of their power from the inside out. Woman have been gathering for thousands of years and this is a guide to the pathway of you. So let’s dive in. 

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