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Music creator


San Diego, California

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Music Creator

Energy Healer

Reiki 2 Certified

A Bit About Me

Though I have never had the chance to do what I was called to growing up, life had other ways of getting me there. As a kid, I didn’t have the opportunity to chase after my passions until I graduated high school. My family was not the most financially stable but we made it through. I went to college for culinary school to pursue my dream job of becoming a chef after graduating. Having to juggle full time student and full time industry worker, I couldn’t take the pressure and dropped out of college. Years later after getting the opportunity to run a kitchen, I felt empty. As if that wasn’t what was planned. A very close friend of mine introduced me to music and I took off. I create different genres of electronic but regardless of the genre, I stay true to my heart and emotions. Pouring every ounce possible to create an almost tangible atmosphere, music continues to be the way I heal and the way I want to help others heal. Through soundwaves that help you dance, cry, or rage through difficult moments in this experience. All love, all real, music is my all.

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