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Ascension and The Dimensions

In 2020, before the earth realm plandemic, I was guided to a video on YouTube about the dimensions. It was a fascinating explanation about each dimension and the possibilities of living in each space. I had recently went through what most people would recognize as an identity crisis. For me it was much more than that and has a lot to do with the dimensions. I was guided to this particular video in divine timing and have since been guided back to explore the dimensions in depth. My innerstanding from the video was deepened in April of 2021 when my husband, Dario, and I attended the Cosmic Awakening event in Sedona, Arizona. Since then I have continued to educate myself on the difference in the dimensions by connecting with my guides. The following is what I've learned...

Most are familiar with three dimensional objects where length, width and depth are combined. However, earth is ascending into higher dimensions of existence and as we started life on this plane as three dimensional beings, we too have been shifting into the higher dimensions so as to continue living on earth. I am currently in the creation stage of building a workshop to go into more detail. For now, I will keep it as simple as possible.

The 3rd Dimension- This dimension is simply about structure, combining length, width and depth. This dimension may feel dense, but it is of the light. Although this dimension is the most well known, it is also transcending out of existence as the earth ascends. Anyone who does not want to rise up from the third dimension will also succumb to such fate.

The 4th Dimension- This dimension adds time to the equation of length, width and depth. This dimension was created by the decisions we made in our past and past lives. Those choices could have created an infinite number of timelines. In this dimension, a choice must be made to rise into higher levels of consciousness or to stay on a parallel timeline and transition out of the existence of earth realm. This is a shadow dimension that can be utilized to heal any lower vibrational energies (0-3) by processing the shadow self. In this dimension we would need to choose to either do the shadow work or transition from earth realm to live in this parallel space.

The 5th Dimension- This dimension has length, width, depth and time that we are able to move back (into the past) with. In this dimension we learn that time does not exist as we thought. Here, we are able to quantum travel into the past to shift our timelines for the better of ourselves and all of humanity. We make choices from a much higher level of consciousness then we had access to in the other dimensions. This dimension is of the light and where earth realm is currently ascending to in order to usher in Ancient New Earth.

The 6th Dimension- This dimension exists of length, width, depth, and time that we can move forward (into the future/next present moment) and back (into the past) with. This is a shadow dimension where we can correct the mistakes we made in both future and past timelines. Because of the existence of this dimension, many light workers made the choice to come back to earth to help with the ascension. To correct the mistakes made by misusing artificial technology, among other things, from a lower level of consciousness.

The 7th Dimension- In this dimension length, width, depth and time are all able to be manipulated. This is the dimension where we step fully into our power and are able to do things such as shapeshift, connect telepathically and levitate. In this dimension we anchor in Ancient New Earth and live in harmony with mother earth and all of Gods' children. This dimension is a space of harmony and coherence.

Currently, society is busy navigating in and out of multiple dimensions. My husband, Dario, and I have experienced all seven dimensions (especially within the past few months) as we have been on a mission of learning the true meaning of compassion, while assisting in the rise of consciousness. It's important that we have compassion for our brothers and sisters along with self as we rise through the shadows and learn to embody higher levels of consciousness. Without compassion, we fall into the lower vibrations of judgement and ridicule. Such places where society has been trapped for many generations. If we want to rise, we must continue to open our hearts and accept that all of Gods' children are worthy and deserving of Divine love and grace.

For more about my story check my blog about living in multiple dimensions. I'm sending you an abundance of light and love to continue on your journey, wherever you may choose to be.

with love and compassion,



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