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Jyorei Blissings

Channeled energy from Kuan Yin-The Goddess of Compassion.

Service Description

What is Jyorei? Jyorei is a spiritual channeling of the compassionate, loving energy of the goddess Kuan Yin, also referred to as ‘divine’ or spiritual light. Jyorei has its roots in Japan having first been channeled by Meishusama the founder of Shumei, a Spiritual Organization. It has gained recognition in the West as a non-invasive energy healing practice. Receiving Jyorei stimulates positive changes to both the physical and the spiritual body and it helps to eliminate suffering by dispelling negative energy. Practitioners come from many cultural and faith backgrounds. Jyorei is transmitted through the hand of the giver to the spiritual body of the receiver with the intent of purifying the spirit; this purification reflects on other levels of consciousness and often to the physical body. Receivers also find that over time they experience spiritual growth, physical healing or increased blessings, according to divine will. There is no physical contact in receiving Jyorei.

Contact Details

(858) 247-1997

4231 Balboa Avenue #322, San Diego, CA, USA

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