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Antoinette (Ann-Tin-ett)

Transition Ceremonialist


San Diego, California


Hypnotherapy Practioner

Transition of Life Guide


My Story

Growing up as a latchkey child allowed much time for introspection. Young children are managed by their imagination and being that imagination is more powerful than knowledge, being home alone manifested deep seeded insecurities, which was then magnified by my parents' divorce. Control, indecisiveness, betrayal and anger became running themes throughout the transitions of my life. 

I did not anticipate the grief in my transition to motherhood. In transitioning from wife to mother, I longed  for the wife I would no longer be. The birth of my second child made me conscious of the façade that we have control. My beautiful newborn baby girl endured a stroke in utero.  In the following years, her unique abilities unveiled undeniable truths to our existence. Recognizing the interconnectedness of beginnings and endings, that transition is neither final nor adverse bridges the gap between the logical and the emotional aspects of life.     

Wisdom gained from life's transitions becomes a filter for each decision and response to the next experience. I provide the experience that brings clarity, and completeness allowing transitions to be met with less fear, more insight and confidence to expedite healing. 

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