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Intuitive HEArtist

Location: San Diego, California (North County)

Healing Art Creator 

Intuitive Artist 

Truth Guardian

Reiki Certified 


A Bit About Me

As far back as I can remember I have always felt and seen things. I could feel everything; people’s energy, spirit/galactic energies, unspoken feelings. The things that I saw I wouldn’t be able to describe as most humans wouldn’t be able to comprehend it.


As a young girl I was constantly told I was ‘too sensitive’ and ‘too shy’, so I began to hide myself. As I grew older, I kept quiet about what I was feeling and seeing because nobody innerstood what I was talking about and said I was weird. So, I buried myself more.


I found peace in treasure hunting and crafting. My treasures were rocks and crystals. Always being called to them, I would come home with pocketful's. I can specifically remember when my Mom told me I was only allowed to bring one home with me. So, I came home with the biggest piece of obsidian I could find (the size of a large papaya). I was such a clever (and stubborn) girl.


Once finding hemp string and crafted my first bracelet with it, I quickly became drawn to working with the material. Any down time I had, I would take the hemp strands and weave it together. I always had hemp attached to my jeans with a safety pin.


All of that ended abruptly as sexual trauma occurred as I buried and hid myself even more. At that point I didn’t want anyone to see me, even myself. I wore baggy clothes to hide my body and began self-mutilating so I could “feel” once again. About a decade later I lost my Mom from a brain aneurism and the hole I had put myself in only got deeper and darker.


14 years of self-destruction was a burden I could no longer bear. I started taking the steps to Heal My Heart. Using different holistic modalities, I began to rediscover myself. I began to see and feel things I haven’t felt since I was a kiddo. A few years of healing traumas, shadows and self-worth, and I am now FULLY embracing my “weirdness”. I am taking the moments where I once found peace and incorporating that into healing treasures to share with others who are mending their hearts.


My Healing Heart are pieces of art to inspire others to Heal their Heart. We are High Vibrancy Souls with a Heart full of Light worthy of breaking the barriers and moving out of the darkness. Forgiving ourselves for the cringe-worthy moments, accepting our “imperfections”, and growing through the shadows to step back into OUR POWER.


Wear or carry My Healing Heart, especially on the days that feel a little gloomier, to remind your inner light to shine. When you shine your light, your darkness fades. When others can see your light, that sparks theirs to shine brighter. You are not alone as we are all on this healing journey together.


Until the Light overshadows the darkness, I am sharing my Light with you until you find the courage to share yours with others. It’s time to Rise and Shine.

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