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Living Inter-dimensionally

If you haven't read my last blog about the difference in dimensions, I recommend reading this first and then coming back here.

I first realized I was living and navigating through multiple dimensions in the summer of 2020. For years I was drawn to writers, intuitives and self healers who were on the path of transcending the 3rd Dimension and rising into the 5th Dimension. By the beginning of 2020, I was deep in my healing journey and had started to receive messages directly from Source. My guides would bring me messages on a variety of platforms from books, blogs, social media, conversations of passers-by and more. One of my main channels was open via YouTube and I was guided to a video that gave a clear and scientific explanation of the dimensions. It helped my mind open up to the idea that we could and often do move between multiple dimensions daily.

My first conscious experience of living multi-dimensionally happened while driving through a neighborhood I was very familiar with in San Diego. I had taken this drive many times over the years to a specific beach. The neighborhood always had a sweet vibration and even when buzzing with surfers and tourists, it was quiet and serene. This day, while driving through the multiple roundabouts, I was cut off, flipped off, cussed at and one lady even ran out in front of my car. I looked at my passenger with eyes wide and said, "We're in a lower dimension." My passenger agreed that something strange was going on and asked what we should do about it. I pulled out my phone and played a frequency to raise our vibration. Instantly, we rose out of the lower vibration and into a higher dimension. No crazy traffic, or obnoxious people persisted. Instead, it was the quiet, peaceful neighborhood I had known it to be. This incident was fascinating to me. To be able to shift my reality in an instant was something new.

It also helped me comprehend multidimensional conversations. Have you ever said something to someone and they argue back with you that they heard something completely different? You both get super frustrated because you know what you said and they know what they heard and it is not the same. It's likely that you and the person you were talking to were in the same space but at different frequencies/dimensions. They heard what you were saying at the dimension they were embodying which is completely different then the dimension you were in. These arguments typically end with both parties walking away in frustration and confusion. Moving forward it's best to get on the same page a.k.a. the same dimensional frequency before having the conversation. If that is not possible, try to at least remember to keep an open mind and know that the message may be distorted.

As time went on and I continued to experience myself in one space multi-dimensionally. I would meet people who would tell me about certain experiences they were having in the third dimension that was no longer in resonance for me. A soul sister told me about how she did not like walking around a certain neighborhood because she would see and get hassled by homeless people that were living on the streets. At first, I was genuinely confused by this statement as my husband Dario and I had walked around that exact neighborhood plenty of times and never had a similar experience as to what she was describing. My guides quickly came in and advised me that we were experiencing that neighborhood in different dimensions. I, in turn, advised my soul sister to meditate and raise her level of consciousness before walking around the neighborhood again to shift herself into a higher dimension and not have to be harassed by lower dimensional beings. There is nothing bad about lower dimensional beings just as there is nothing good or bad about higher dimensional beings, each are playing out their roles and parts. When we learn to live without judgement we are able to observe many levels of consciousness and choose where we want to be.

Dario and I have and continue to have a variety of interactions navigating through multiple dimensions. Think of it like tuning a radio to a different frequency. All of the radio stations are in co-existence however once you shift the dial you hear and feel something completely different.

I prefer to live in the light dimensions and have been embodying the innergy of 5D for a few years now. What I didn't realize was that I had already been shifting between the fifth and seventh dimensions. My husband Dario and I started anchoring our divine union into new earth a few years back. When we are together in public spaces, people can feel our love. We have and continue to do a lot of shadow work to feel through and shift timelines in our favor. Along the way we have learned to have a deeper level of compassion, and grace for humanity. Where we would have judged or ridiculed things in the past, we now send love and healing light to help with the ascension. We know that for life to continue on earth we must rise together as one. Now that we are shifting through much higher dimensions, we need to trust and believe that others will rise as well. Even the souls that seem so far gone need love to lift them through the shadows.

Have you had any multi-dimensional experiences that you were aware of? We would love to hear from you! Email us at with your experiences and stay tuned for our Master Class on navigating the dimensions.


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