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Intuitive Guide

Intuitive Healer

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Guide to Inner Power

My Story

I went from being self-abandoning, unhappy, anxious, co-dependent, completely disconnected, & lost in a next-level woman who is self-devoted, magnetic, courageous, conscious, psychic, & deeply connected to source with a clear mission in life. A life changing moment & a self-care practice is all it took. The intuitive guidance and energetic healing I do for my clients is exactly what I do for myself. I discovered my gifts, quit a career, started a flourishing business, manifested love in just under 2 years. I now live abundantly while changing the lives of the people I come in contact with. All I did was tap into my inner power. I'm here to guide you to yours as we explore the important topics of Self-Care, Intuitive Development, & Energetic Sovereignty.


With a successful former corporate career in healthcare strategy, I now focus my visions and intuitive superpowers on helping clients break through the mold of their outdated belief systems so they can leave their mark on the world.


InYours has 4 offerings to get you In Your Magic, Power, Energy & Expansion. I work with clients through private and group containers. I channel my creativity through my membership, speaking engagements, & intuitively-led workshops.


I am so grateful for the creators of Radiant Love Vibrations as they are the light this world needs. Thank you Xitlali and Dario for creating this conscious and high vibration community!

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