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Xitlali (Seat*LaLee)

Intuitive Medium


San Diego, California




Self Healer

Intuitive Channel for animals, passed on loved ones and Spirit Guides

RYT 200hr

Yin Yoga and Chinese Meridian Certified

Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher

Jyorei Energy Channel

Deeksha Energy Channel

Lithotherapy Specialist

Breathwork Facilitator

Sacred Sound and Light Language Channel

Quantum Shaman Ceremonialist

Cacao Ceremonialist

Ancestry Alignment Intuitive Guide


Quantum Soul Healer

Emotional Energy Transmuting Channel

My Story

My story is constantly shifting as I continue to evolve and remember more about my journey and the lessons I've chosen in this lifetime. 


Always having an inner knowing that there was so much more to life than the ordinary, I continued to seek out new ways of living. I've learned that trauma doesn't necessarily mean what people think it does. Simply not learning how to identify and process our emotions can be highly traumatic. My most recent past life will be documented in a book as my own unique story, when the time is right. There were some major life events that I didn't learn to feel through. These events effected me well into my 30's, when I became (what society would label as) a fully functional alcoholic. By 2017 I had hit an all time low and couldn't see my way out. At the time, it felt like I had completely gave up on life. In hindsight I see, it was my surrender.  

The next few years I learned how to love myself unconditionally and by the end of 2019, I was radiating self love and forgiveness. I had dove deep into my shadows, re-parented my inner child (from a higher level of consciousness then my parents had access to), embraced my ego and surrendered to a power within. From that space, I vibrated into my sacred and divine union with Dario. 

Our journeys together have taken us through many past lifetimes and ancestral healing experiences. It has also brought us gifts from past lives and ancestry that we now use in our sessions. I recently had someone ask me, "when are you not healing something?" The answer is in my dharma. I am here to evolve/heal and to be a resource for others to learn how to do it as well. This doesn't mean that I don't in-joy life. The truth is, I'm living my best life. 


 I know that we are here to do more than simply survive. We are here to thrive! My purpose in life is to help others break ancestral patterns so they to can live their best life, so they can thrive and in-joy all of the little things that add up to this amazing earth space that we call home. I will help guide you to un-learn, re-learn and discern at your own pace.  My mantra is: Together we rise. And I know in my heart that together we'll thrive. 

Connect with me 

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Miss Xitlali, thank you to you and your husband for all that you did for me. My level of happiness is very high and the feeling of peace is special and calming. 


My readings with Xitlali are always on point. They tend to be divine confirmations of my souls intuition. Xitlali always provides such a safe and loving presence and truly is gifted at her work!! I love when she has messages from my mama's spirit, because they are so comforting to hear. I am forever grateful for Xitlali! 


Clearly, it takes a certain special kind of person to share our deep personal journeys with and no better people than you. Thank you. You definitely made me feel safe. I am feeling full of love and light.
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