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Xitlali (Seat*LaLee)

Intuitive Medium


San Diego, California




Self Healer

Intuitive Channel for animals, passed on loved ones and Spirit Guides

RYT 200hr

Yin Yoga and Chinese Meridian Certified

Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga Teacher

Reiki Master Teacher

Jyorei Energy Channel

Deeksha Energy Channel

Lithotherapy Specialist

Breathwork Facilitator

Sacred Sound Practitioner

Quantum Shaman Ceremonialist

Ancestry Alignment Intuitive Guide


Quantum Soul Healer

Emotional Energy Transmuting Channel

My Story

My mantra: I honour my body.

What I call my most recent past life was where my journey began. Since a very young age I endured an abundance of trauma. As I got older, the traumas were magnified to the point where I couldn't possibly ignore them any longer. By my early 30's, I had become (what society would call) a fully functional alcoholic.  Severely depressed and struck by anxiety and panic attacks, I found the numbing of alcohol to be my only 'way out.'

I vividly remember driving home from work and, for the first time in my life, fully surrendering to a higher power.  From that moment on I was guided by the universe to heal from the inside out. I found myself searching the most random places for ways to heal and was guided to an online coupon for Reiki.


I had no idea what I was getting into yet I felt a sense of being safely held as I first started to open up. During the Reiki session the practitioner laid her hands on my lower abdomen and I burst into tears. Memories flooded my brain as I cried it all out. When the session was complete I asked the practitioner why the memory of something I had thought I fully processed in the years prior came back to my mind. She told me that my body was still holding the emotion that had not been felt from growing through such a painful experience. This is when I knew my injuries cut much deeper than I could have ever expected. 


The following weeks brought clarity to my mind as I realized my yoga practice was much more than simply stretching.  I started to cycle out of alcoholism with the help of yoga and the introduction to meditation and sound healing at yoga events.  In 2018 I knew I needed to leave my home town as the energy of enablers and triggers had become inescapable. 

I followed my heart to sunny San Diego where my journey continued to find ways to heal and care for myself. I went deep into my shadow and learned how to truly embrace it. I learned what feelings were and how to feel through them. I re-parented my inner child. I learned how to set boundaries. I let a lot of things go (including people). I honoured my ego and its place in my life. I gave forgiveness to others and myself. I nourished my body by eating well and moving. I lost over 100lbs. while learning to love myself without condition. I manifested my sacred union and embodied my true, most authentic being.

Now, I am working on unleashing my voice and growing our community. My mission in unity with my husband, in this space and time, is to anchor our love and to guide others to rise in Divine love and light. I honor your journey and look forward to connecting and rising with you.  Namaste.

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Miss Xitlali, thank you to you and your husband for all that you did for me. My level of happiness is very high and the feeling of peace is special and calming. 


My readings with Xitlali are always on point. They tend to be divine confirmations of my souls intuition. Xitlali always provides such a safe and loving presence and truly is gifted at her work!! I love when she has messages from my mama's spirit, because they are so comforting to hear. I am forever grateful for Xitlali! 


Clearly, it takes a certain special kind of person to share our deep personal journeys with and no better people than you. Thank you. You definitely made me feel safe. I am feeling full of love and light.
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