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Sound Healing Practitioner


Pacific Beach, California


(858) 750-5203


Sound Healing Practitioner

Breathwork Facilitator

Genshai Warrior

Sobriety Sponsor

Meditation Guide

Health Coach

Jyorei Energy Channel

My Story

I am Matthew Taylor Coan. Genshai Warrior


I am on a mission. A mission to help people find their Higher Selves. To treat their Spiritual Malady of Fear to free them from the bondage of self. When we do this infinite possibilities open up. I have found spirit through a journey of Sobriety that has led me to many beautiful people, beautiful practices and a dive deep into my soul to find the pool of infinite unconditional love that has always been there. Namaste. I sponsor and help many that are struggling with alcohol or addiction, Don't be shy to say that dirty 4 letter word. HELP. I have studied over 25 books on mindset, spirituality, energy work and Self love. I have studied with John Beck Studying Breath and Sound Healing. I am in a mentorship program with Holly Semanoff and have completed her Body of Light Program. I am also in a mentorship with Sam Whiting, a certified Wim Hof instructor and cold immersion specialist. I offer Breath and sound healing workshops. Leading meditations and health coaching. I have been initiated by the Shumai Organization to perform Joyrei energy healing. Let me know how I can be of service to you.


Genshai -Never treat another in a manner that would make them feel small including yourself.

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