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Rest and retreat

In the winter, it's natural to retreat and relax in your own private space. According to the natural laws of hibernation, most hibernating animals go into deep rest during the winter season to keep warm and conserve their innergy. As autumn creates space by clearing, forgiving and letting go, winter calls for our bodies to rest and be nourished for the blossoming of spring.


For centuries, the masses have been indoctrinated to believe that January is a time to start new; a fresh start. This all came about when Pope Gregory XIII invented the Gregorian Calendar in 1582. Before that, society mostly followed the Astrological calendar which had 13 months of 28 days (a moon cycle) per month.


The Astrological Calendar fit more in line with our bodies' natural cycles and the new year didn't start until the blossoming of spring in what we now call April. A few years back, while speaking to my guides, I learned that cold weather helps to transmute negative energy. Our bodies need time to rest after a season of shedding what no longer serves us. A suggestion for you would be to not go rushing into a Gregorian "New Year" but rather retreat and spend time nourishing yourself with love, rest and nutrient dense foods.

As cycle breakers, the light workers are here to lovingly guide the collective back to the origins of commUnity. To make that happen, we must expose all that is not in resonance with natural law. As negative energy is transmuted in colder weather, it makes sense to take time to rest and retreat just as the natural world does around us. Our bodies process through a lot during the fall season and into the winter. When you allow the time and space for your body to recover, you will see better results come spring and the true beginning of the New Year.


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