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A simple ceremony

How to bring ceremony and ritual into your home and natural life.

What is the true definition of ceremony?

I asked my guides this question and they answered with: Connecting to a higher power while holding space for each other (or self) to be vulnerable and open hearted.

The following is a simple ceremony idea for you and your loved ones.

*You actually don't need a group of people to hold ceremony. In fact, a ceremony with self can be a powerful way to connect and use automatic writing to answer any questions you have lingering about such things as life, career, relationships and more.

Create a circular space for the ceremony to take place.

This can happen by sitting around a bonfire, or by using objects (as seen above) to form a circle in the middle of the space. Circle innergy allows for everyone to feel included should they choose to share during the ceremony or not.

Use natural elements

Using natural elements to decorate the space such as flowers, leaves, herbs, and crystals will help the attendees to feel more grounded and connected to Mother Earth. Earth innergy can make us feel nurtured and safe so that we are able to open up our hearts. Mama Earth is also a great transmuter of negative energy and anxious feelings. Natural elements can also help to delight the senses and relax the mind.

Make it cozy

You can make the space feel cozy by dimming the lights, playing soft music and adding some tea light candles to allow the attendees to drop into there bodies and not be over stimulated with vibrant lights and loud sounds.

call in a higher power

You can call in a higher power by reciting a prayer, singing a mantra or by simply using your words to call in a higher power to be present.

Example: We call on our Angels and Guides to be present with us during this experience.

Everyone is different and some people may choose to call in God, their higher self, Deity's, Elementals, passed on loved ones or whatever they connect with to bring light, love into the circle.

ceremony ideas

A ceremony can be as simple as sharing a nourishing meal or cup of cacao while opening up space for your loved ones to speak freely about obstacles they may be processing though.

If your desire is to raise the vibration of the space, you can hold ceremony by sharing what each person is grateful for. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations and can help shift the vibration of the room and the people in it.

If you would like to call in healing, you can write a letter to your inner child letting them know that you see and love them.

You can also use this time to write in a journal or do a creative activity together.

There are many possibilities to explore while in ceremony. Tap into your imagination and let your heart guide the way.

Closing ceremony

Close the ceremony by giving thanks to one another whether you chose to share and participate or were a space holder for others to do so. You want everyone there to feel welcome and included. Also remember to give thanks for the higher power(s) that were present and holding space.


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