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My first Q.H.H.T. session

In early 2021 a good friend told us about her incredible healing session called Q.H.H.T. (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) ©. It sounded fascinating and I wanted to try it though I had no idea what I was getting myself into. A few months later my opportunity arose.

The practitioner had reached out to me and told me to come to the session with as many healing questions as possible. I was ready for some answers when I showed up with more than 35 questions. Ha! We got into the session and I remember thinking that I couldn't possibly be hypnotised or regressed to a different time. The practitioner however, was quite confident that I could be. Here is how my session went:

I opened my eyes and saw that I was in a small town with cobblestone roads. It felt like dusk in a different era as I saw street lamps and heard horses hooves pulling wagons through town. The people wore long coats and I was shoeless with dirty feet. My clothes were ragedy, torn and dirty. When I felt into my body I felt like I was a young boy. The more I felt into my body the more I knew about myself as this young boy. I told the practitioner that my face had been burned in a fire and I didn't like to be out during the day. At night, I would go on adventures with a small black cat. I would look for and find things that other people threw out. I also did a lot of reading as the book store owner would give me books on survival.

I was learning how to survive and be self sustainable in the wilderness. I needed to learn how to take care of myself as my parents had died in a house fire. I was lucky enough to escape the fire, by running through the flames, with my book and cat. At this point in the session, I became very emotional. I started crying as I explained that my parents were punished by the community for not giving up the land that we lived on. The town people wanted the property that my parents owned and my parents would not sell.

I was seven years old when the fire happened. I hid in tunnels and ate food out of peoples gardens and trash before I found a small church to sleep in. I would sneak into the attic and hide among the boxes to rest and sleep during the days. Before my dad passed away he taught me how to read the books we had in our library. My mom sewed clothes and sold them at the market while my dad farmed our land.

The practitioner then asked me about the scars on my face. I cried some more and told her that people would get scared of me when they saw my face which is why I kept it hidden and only tried to go out at night. I told her how I had a special relationship with nature and that I would receive messages and warnings when I needed to stay away from certain things.

The practioner then moved me to a different time. I felt a little lost and unsure of where I was. As I came to, I was standing behind a podium, speaking to variety of people. I was a healthy woman in my late 30's and felt like I was on a college campus. As things became more clear I realized that I would travel with my husband to all of the large music festivals and colleges to tell my story. I was actually a former heroine addict who was fortunate to meet my husband as he helped me get away from the drugs. Everything was so vivid as I traveled through this lifetime watching as I shared my journey.

We moved through one more life before the practioner asked for clarity on why I traveled to the lifetimes I did during this session and what energies I was still holding onto in this lifetime. It was important for me to see the lifetime as a young boy so I could understand where the fear of being in front of people came from. The purpose of the life was to learn how to be strong and independent. I learned how to go within and find strength when I was all alone. The fear of showing my face in this lifetime came from a variety of things I did when I was an alcoholic. I used alcohol to numb myself from the traumas that I experienced in this lifetime. I also learned that my home near the ocean was where I had agreed to be, when I chose my parents in this lifetime. Crazy thing is, my parents actually lived in San Diego before I was born.

Moving on, I learned that the lifetime as the young woman came through so I could see how powerful it is for me to show my face and share my story. It was to show me not to fear what people thought about me because it was my ugly past that created such a beautiful future. I also learned that the amount of people I'm going to help in this lifetime far out weigh the people who would have something bad to say about my past. We continued on and the healing went much deeper than I could share in a simple blog. I cried a lot as I learned that I had been punishing myself for a very long time. The self punishment was effecting my gut health as no matter what I did to heal it, I wasn't letting go. The practioner helped me to release the guilt I was carrying which in turn healed my gut issues once and for all.

I received an abundance of healing in this session. It was truly life changing and I became fascinated with the practice. So much so, I went on to train in the same practice as the practitioner. I now offer past life regressions and soul healing sessions where I am able to not only regress my clients to a past life but I can also connect to my clients passed on loved ones and guides to bring a profound amount of healing to as many people as possible.



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