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Deep Holistic, Relaxing Massage

Calm the mind and body with this relaxing massage that improves flexibility and circulation.

Service Description

Relaxing massage benefits flexibility and increases circulation, creates a sense of well-being and helps calm the body and mind. Calming the body is calming the mind, and one of the ways to achieve this is through relaxing massage, which provides relaxation and relief from stress and pain. Relaxing massage promotes improved blood circulation, increases the flow of nutrients, removes catabolites and metabolites (toxic substances from cells) that are harmful to the body, in addition to relieving pain and facilitating muscle activity. The body releases an enzyme called Dopamine, a natural relaxant, promoting alternating well-being and relaxation of the muscles, the veins (both superficial and deep) empty and fill alternately. Thus, congestion in the capillary beds is relieved, and blood flow from the arterioles to the capillaries is improved, in addition to stimulating the flow of lymph by the same mechanism where it also promotes better capacity in the immune system.

Contact Details

  • San Diego, CA, USA

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