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Xitlali created this grid to transmute negative energy. She called in her guides Arch Angel Michael and Kali Ma to to help her infuse Reiki (Life Force) energy that would help transmute all lower vibrations and frequencies.

Transmute Negativity

  • 6" x 4" x 1" (width, length, depth)

    Black Tourmaline- Absorbs negative energy. Assists in releasing dense energies. Aids in overcoming self sabatoging thoughts. Helps with addiction recovery. Enhances strenght and courage to get through hard times. 

    Black Onyx- Transmutes negative energy. Eases suffering and pain. Helps with grieving. Balances the root chakra to keep you protected and safe. Eliminates fear. Initiates change for the better. Soothes emotional trauma.   

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