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Xitlali designed this grid with the energy and love of her sacred union with Dario. After first learning to love themselves, Dario and Xitlali manifested their divine union. Everything that they did to raise their own vibration lead them into each others arms. From the moment they met, they knew they were destined to unite and rise together as one. 

Ready For Love

  • 5"x 5"x1" (width, length, depth)

    Red Jasper- Anchors your energy to mother earth. Provides saftey and stability. Promotes intimacy and compatibilty. Enhances passionate energy. Boosts stamina and endurance. Eliminates distractions. Encourages tantric energy. 

    Carnelian- Encourages you to take action. Balances the sacral chakra. Stimulates joy and creativity. Stabilizes hormones and emotion energy. Protects and cleanses the sacral parts of the physical body.  

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