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Xitlali designed this large grid to connect with the loving energy of mama earth. She infused it with the channelled, compassionate and loving energy of the Goddess Quan Yin (Jyorei) to bring calm, happy and purifying vibrations into your space. 


  • 15"x12"x1.75" (width, length, depth)

    Flourite sphere- Clears the aura of any outside energies. Opens the heart to create an energy of flow. Enhances grounding energy to connect you with your higher self. Provides balance and harmony. Radiates equal amounts of energy in all directions. 

    Green Calcite- Eliminates old patterns and beliefs. Enhances vitality and rejuvination. Calms the nervous system. Clears negative energy. Helps with focus and direction. 

    Charoite-Provides emotional healing. Assists in overcoming fears. Encourages growth and positive change. Increases the ability to be present. 

    Rose Quartz- Calms the mind. Provides heart healing energy and balances the heart chakra. Amplifies self love, kindness and compassion.

    Green Aventurine- Creates the energy of abundance. Enhances gratitude and inner peace. Balances horomones. Opens your heart to new opportunites. 

    Amazonite-Increases the energy of flow. Strengthens courage. Soothes the nervous system. Increases optimism and creativity. 

    Quartz Crystal Points- Purifies and cleanses the room of any lower vibrational energy. Amplifies the intention and energy of the other crystals. 


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