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This grid was designed by Dario to encourge self love and balance of the divine feminine energy. He then infused it with with Jyorei (Loving Compassionate Energy of the Goddess Kuan Yin) for an extra special dose of purification. Place or hang this in your home or office and feel the loving energy of flow into the space around you. 


Self Love

  • 5"x 5"x1" (width, length, depth)

    Rose Quartz- Emanates calm, loving, and nurturing energy of the divine feminine.

    Clear Quartz-  Enhances mental clarity and spritual growth, programmed to open up the heart space. 

    Snow Quartz- Helps develop emotional stability, discernment and patience

    Amethyst- Provides stress relief, assits with hormone regulation, relieves headaches and calms the mind

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