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Dario designed this grid to enhance ones meditative mind space. While warding off negative frequencies, this grid will also help you relax and tap into your higher self. 

Meditative Mind

  • 10"x10"x1" (width. length, depth)

    Om symbol- The all encompassing cosmic vibration of the universe. 

    Selenite heart- Purification of the soul. Clears emotional blockages. Activates heart opening. Creates flow and relaxation. Unlocks higher realms of consciousness. Increases mental clarirty. 

    Sodalite- Promotes peace and healing. Enhances self acceptance and trust. Balances intuition and rational thought. Assists in collaborating and communicating with others. 

    Red Jasper- Anchors your energy to mother earth. Provides saftey and stability. Soothes nerves and resores balance. 

    Carnelian-Stimulates joy and creativity. Stabilizes hormones and emotion energy. Protects and cleanses the sacral parts of the physical body.

    Clear Quartz-  Connects you with your higher self. Cleanses all lower vibrational energies. Enhances the intention and energies of all the other stones. 

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