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This grid, designed by Dario, will support you in feeling held and protected.  Dario always infuses his creations with the channeled energy of Jyorei (compassionate, loving energy of the Goddess Quan Yin). 

Held & Protected

  • 6"x5 1/4"x1"(length, width, depth)

    Shungite- Protects against EMF exposure. Purifies and relieves stress. Absorbs and transmutes negative energy. 

    Black Tourmaline- Protects from the  of negative energy.  Clears negative energy. Purifies the soul from lower vibrational energies. Aid with recovering from addiction and negative self talk.

    Black Onyx- Assits in providing strength to overcome hardships. Increases self confidence. Aids in helping you face your fears. Protects against negative energies. 

    Clear Quartz- Amplifies the intention of the grid and the energies of all other crystals. Creates a sense of calmness and peace.   

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