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Xitlali designed this grid to remind you that beautiful things grow from dark spaces. She infused it with the channeled energy Jyorei (compassionate, loving energy of the Goddess Quan Yin) for purification of the soul. 

Blooming Heart

  • 7"x7"x2" (width, height, depth)

    Clear Quartz- Cleanses lower vibrational energies. Connects you with your higher self. Amplifies the intention and energies of all other crystals. 

    Rose Quartz- Heals the heart. Provides calming, compassionate energy. Relaxes the nervous system. Nurtures the soul. 

    Prehnite-Calms your energy. Transforms negative emotions. Strenghtens the heart. Balances the high heart chakra. Creates serenity and peace. 


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