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Xitlali designed this grid to bring balance and flow to the recipient. She infused it with the channeled, compassionate and loving energy of the Goddess Quan Yin (Jyorei) to amplify purification of the soul. By purifying the soul we create space for energy to move freely through us, allowing us to go with the flow.  

Balance & Flow

  • 6"x5 1/4"x1"(length, width, depth)

    Amethyst- Purifies the spirit. Removes mental and emotional blockages. Regulates mood. Soothes anxiety. Promotes rest and calmness. 

    Flower Agate- Assists in healing from past traumas. Inspires growth. Balances emotions. Stimulates happy energy. Encourages you to blossom in harmony with your divine purpose.  

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