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Xitlali designed this grid to help you rise in power. If you've been feeling like it's time for you to be your most authentic and unapologetic self, this grid is for you! No more playing small to make others feel better. Rise in your power and let the good vibes flow. 

Awaken Your Power

  • 6"x5 1/4"x1"(length, width, depth)

    Yellow Serpentine- Awaken Kundalini energy.  Creates a path for dormant energy to rise. Assists in transformation and rebith. 

    Citrine- Promotes prosperity and abundance. Carries the power of the sun (warmth, enegizing, happiness). Enhances creativity, authenticity and self-expression.

    Tigers Eye- Increases vitality and personal power. Protects against negative energies. Promotes strength and courage.  

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