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Dario and Xitlali created this grid to bring balance and alignment into your space. They infused it with both Reiki (Life Force) energy and Jyorei (compassionate and loving energy of the Divine mother Quan Yin) to cleanse the aura and purify the soul. 

7 Chakra Healing Grid

  • Each piece is 6"x5 1/4"x1"(length, width, depth) that can be seperated or combined for a height of 44" 


    Root Chakra (I AM)- Foundation, Grounding, Safety, Stability, Security. 

    Sacral Chakra (I FEEL)- Creativity, Emotional Security, Intimacy, Pleasure

    Solar Plexus (I DO)- Self Worth, Will Power, Courage, Ego, Determination

    Heart (I LOVE)- Self Love, Relationships, Acceptance, Sincerity

    Throat (I SPEAK)- Communication, Self-Expression, Inspiration, Creativity

    Third Eye (I SEE)- Intuition, Imagination, Open-Mindedness, Trust

    Crown (I INNERSTAND)- Higher Consciousness, Divine Connection, Fullfillment  

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