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Deeksha Energy Blissings

In November of 2020, Xitlali completed the Oneness Awakening Course, led by the late Diego Bobadilla, to become a Oneness Deeksha Giver.

It was a day of complete transformation and awakening. Many beautiful souls joined together to raise their level of consciousness as they were opened to this activating energy blissing.

Deeksha (Oneness Energy) was first channeled and originated by Sri Bhagavan and Amma, founders of the Oneness University in India.

Their mission on earth is to end human suffering by giving them a state of oneness with all that is. A state of unconditional love and joy.

The Deeksha energy transfer will awaken your own divine light through kundalini activation and help you rise in the energy of love, joy and unity.

Xitlali is honoured to be able to share this blissing with you from a space of love and respect for all that is.


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