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The power of grounding

Learning to watch and not react to all the changes around you is not an easy task. Listed below you will find 3 things you can do to ground down. These grounding techniques will help you to not get pulled into the wave of emotions that may arise while self-healing.

The Power of Being Grounded

Here are 3 tips to keep you calm during change.

  • Tip 1 Disconnect from all electronics and dim lights at least 1 hour before bed.

  • Tip 2 Walk barefoot and connect with the earth. If you are near a beach you can walk along the water or through the sand. If a beach is not accessible, you can walk barefoot through grass or dirt. Don't be afraid to get dirty. Connecting with nature has deep healing powers.

  • Tip 3 Focus on your breath. You can find guided breath-work meditations online and coming soon on the RadiantLoveVibrations YouTube Channel.


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