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Jyorei Energy Blissings

Jyorei is a channeled energy of the Goddess Quan Yin that was first channeled by Meishusama, founder of the Spiritual Organization of Shumei. Shumei has its roots in Japan but has since grown to other spaces worldwide. In late 2020 and early 2021 both Dario and Xitlali were called to join the organization and were gifted with the sacred amulet to share the joy of Jyorei.

Jyorei is a spiritual healing art that penetrates and dissolves the spiritual impurities that cause physical, emotional, and personal dilemmas. By focusing divine light, this system gradually provides purification of the soul. It also promotes detoxification of the body, improves the immune system and creates a profound and balanced healing experience where feelings of deep tranquility and well-being flow between both healer and recipient.

Dario and Xitlali have been divinely guided to share this magnificent gift with anyone open to receiving.


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