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I am expansive

This phrase came to me while in deep meditation. I kept hearing it over and over in my head. "I am expansive, I am expansive, I am expansive."

Because I don't believe much of what words mean according to today's dictionary's, I asked my spirit guides to tell me what it means to be expansive. Here are the answers I received:

I AM Expansive means that I have opened up space for generations of healing to take place through me, as the portal.

I AM Expansive means that I have felt through layers of trauma, passion, pain, enlightenment, suffering, contentment, mistrust, anger, joy, rage, deep sadness, confusion, bliss and more to create space within my being and throughout my lineage both forthcoming and formerly.

I AM Expansive means I am fully open and in complete surrender and flow with my highest most Divine self.

I AM Expansive means that I accept all vibrational frequencies and with compassion, I allow for each and everyone of my earth brothers and sisters to rise in their own Divine timing.

I AM Expansive and will continue to hold the light through all darkness that arises to align us with our highest timeline in love and gratitude.

Wow! I feel I have unlocked a new level to this earth game. Though it feels amazing, I know that things are about to get harder. No worries, for I have my light team of angels, guides and past on loved ones to reach out to whenever it starts to feel like too much. I also have my amazing husband and beautiful soul family to lend a shoulder or ear when I need to feel through something. In my heart I know that I am a game master and that this is the path I chose. In fact, we are all game masters. The truth is, we would not be here on earth realm if we hadn't already mastered life outside of it. Earth is a learing center for the brilliant souls that choose to play the game of life.

This excerpt was written well over a year ago and yes, life got much harder. It also became more rewarding then ever. I'm sharing this today as my guides have ushered me into a space of silence. From the silence I have gained clarity and insight on how my journey can help others. Stay tuned for more meditation downloads and healing session wisdom.



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