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Women's Mentor & embodiment Guide


San Diego, California



Reiki Master Teacher

Energetic Alignment Guide

Embodiment Guide

Transformative Event Facilitator

Sound Healing Practitioner

A Bit About Me

The path to liberation hasn't been an easy one - From self harm and starving myself at a young age to codependency, immense anger, rage, and insecurity to depression, anxiety, substance abuse, narcissistic abuse and giving myself away to men that didn't value me I realize these were all vehicles and pathways home to my truth and liberation. I had to let go of the woman and life I knew to become the woman I was always meant to be, the woman I feel most in resonance with, that's whole and at peace, in tune with her intuition and body and now the woman that serves as a guide and vehicle to guide other women back home to their truth, to love, and liberation.

I am now a level 3 reiki master, energetic alignment & embodiment guide, and transformative event facilitator. I've been deepening and expanding my practice since 2019; hosting workshops, healing sessions, group programs, retreats, and women's circles all around the world. I incorporates connection, energetics, and embodiment to intuitively guide women deeper into alignment and truth so they can embody their divine potential while simultaneously honoring their humanness.

Xitlali and Dario have been powerful guides, teachers, and space holders for me on my journey home to self. I feel so safe, seen, and expanded with them and I'm grateful to have connected in this lifetime with them.

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